Shine (123)

Shine Nelson

shine is a highly motivated and enthusiastic kid ready to do anything when it comes to technology. He loves technology and would do anything to learn new tech everyday. He loves to experiment with different technologies and loves to fiddle with anything that has the magic of technology.

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Mar Baselios College of Engineering & Technology, Trivandrum. He loves computers more than anything in his life. He values his laptop more than anything and speaks to it as if it is his girl-friend. He loves learning new things in computers every now and then. When it comes to computers, he loves programming, coding and developing (all of them ‘almost’ the same thing, but not the same). Motivated by the mission of non-profit organization – Mozilla, he is a big fan of everything that is “Free” and “Open”.

He is also a valued IEEE member for the past 4 years and has been contributing actively as a student member in IEEE as well as IEEE Computer Society. Other organizations that he is involved in include : Computer Society of India (CSI), Ubuntu, and many others.

Apart from computers and technology, he also is a great lover of Music. He can always be found with a headset plugged in at any point of time of the day. 😉 He also loves travelling. He travels a lot whenever possible. He is also a photo enthusiast. He believes in “digitizing memories for the future”.

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