Mozilla Kerala Community Meetup v2

The first one happened around 3-4 months back (Sunday, September 8, 2013). That was the day when Mozilla Kerala took birth and has since been growing into a large community in Kerala itself. Mozilla Kerala has since been very active in conducting various events independently as well as in association with other organizations. A log of the events conducted by Mozilla Kerala has been recorded here.

Being a Mozillian has been an honour. I got acquainted and involved with many geeks around me and learnt a lot from them. Well, that even got me the job of the ‘Web Project Driver’, which was basically to overlook the activities of the web project. We had a great idea in mind and I had to make sure it was implemented. Being a Mozillian brought me closer to Privacy and the Open Web. It gave me an amazing circle of friends some of which I have become too attached with, viz :

and many more cool volunteers. Of these, jsx and Midhun were the first ReMo (Representatives of Mozilla) who brought Mozilla Kerala together. And Anush became a ReMo later.

We started off small with just 20 participants for the community meet-up v1 who became the backbone of marking “Kerala” on the Mozillian Map. It was time we expanded our little community a little further and this called for a second meet-up. This time we invited another 20 to our gathering. Initially, we were a guys-only gang and lacked representation of girls (AKA WoMoz) in our community, but this time we made sure we had women representation too. And that introduced us to 5 beautiful ladies to our group – Jeena Joji, Saraswathy CS, Sethu Sathyan, Vaishakhi Prakash and Vinaya V Pai. We entrusted upon them the herculean task of empowering the women of our little ‘republic’.

The event started off with an introduction to Mozilla and Mozilla Kerala by eKuttan. Followed by an interactive session that helped everyone get to know each other better. It was when jsx’s turn came there was a sudden turn of events; Most of those who knew jsx and his contribution to Mozilla & Mozilla Kerala gave him a standing ovation and he just walked over to the front with so much humility that he didn’t even know that he just got a standing ovation.

Next, Anush gave a recap of the activities of Mozilla Kerala which included 3 Mega Events – Mozilla @ 12th Anniversary of SMC, Webmaker Malappuram and Wiki Sangamotsavam 2013; 5 AppDays, 5+ Webmaker events and 1 online event.

Jsx gave a brief detail of the current projects that are “under-development” by Mozilla Kerala. He called for more volunteers to drive these projects. There were lots of hands that went up.

After that, we broke off into tiny groups exactly like Community Meet-up v1 and was assigned to discuss the development of the current projects or new ones.

We broke for lunch at 1PM and regrouped back to our discussions. After the discussions, we all convened together to form different working groups for different projects.

We distributed a few Mozilla bags to people picked at random by

We ended an eventful and fun-filled day with a photo-session.

Find more pictures of the event at :

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