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I don’t how it happened, but I was sitting at Startup Village one day and suddenly Tom comes up to me, calls me to the meeting room and introduced me to Daniel aka DJ and Diksha. The idea was to involve me in writing tech articles for the Startup Village(SV) Blog. I gladly took up the opportunity since it was ‘tech’ in question. I love tech and I love reading/writing tech news. So there I was starting to work for Startup Village (not employed, just working for them – kind of a volunteer work).

Initially, I got a few tips on where to read articles from, what blogs to follow, etc. from Diksha. I did my homework too. I looked up a few tech blogs myself. Diksha had instructed me to include both international as well as Indian tech news on a 70-30 basis. I easily found more than 10 global tech blogs to follow which was a big number for me to follow. But it was finding the Indian tech blogs that was the difficult task. I managed to figure out a few blogs that updated regularly. Now, my job was to follow these blogs, pick a few most relevant topics, summarize them into one article and publish them on the SV Blog every Thursday. I did my first post on February 20, 2014. Though, it wasn’t a perfect article, Diksha made some edits and guided me how to do better next time. DJ gave me a few tips about using pictures in the posts.

I got my own profile on February 25, 2014. I’ve been blogging for SV Blog since then.

This experience gave me a better insight on content writing; It gave me various ideas in which one could express oneself. You get better with every post.

While I was compiling content for the blog, I realized there was so much potential in me in this area that could be well harnessed, I decided to write tech articles on my blog if not on the SV Blog.

That’s how the Tech category came into being. 🙂

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