AppDay @ Karma ’14 | Day 2 – Karma 2k14

Day 1 at Karma 2014 was kind of very “late”. For me, Karma was an event that I didn’t necessarily have to attend. I have no idea why I went. Probably because Amjad had invited me to speak for an event which I thought would be a professional opening for me. I had already lost my interest when Day 1 had almost flopped hadn’t Jibin Sabu saved us with a little crowd from FISAT and then eKuttan talked all the way through. Crossroads ’14 – the technical-cum-cultural fest at my college was starting today (I never cared about crossroads) and this time my classmates was doing a dance. Almost every member of the class was part of the dance. and I didn’t want to miss it. But then here I was, for an event that didn’t turn up to my expectations. Honestly, I was really disappointed with the event which I will explain later. The only good thing about the event was that there were a few people from IEEE that I knew whom I got to meet and spend time with (that excludes Jibin and Susmi that I mentioned in yesterday’s post). Other than that, there was nothing that I liked about the event.

Something else happened in the morning, I had used my laptop all through the night, editing some articles on the blogs that I manage other than this one – Mozilla Kerala Blog and Startup Village Blog. I shut it down properly before going to sleep at 6AM. Abid came in the morning and tried to switch my laptop on but it just would start whatever we tried. Wow, what a perfect way to start a day that was already ruined, I thought. That spoiled my mood all the more.

But we had traveled all the way to attend this event. Another highlight of this day was that this was the first AppDay that we were actually conducting with less than 20 participants. We already had Praveen, Vipin and Vigneshwar who came in the night before to conduct the AppDay. In a way, this was a good event for Vipin and Vigneshwar because this was their first session and the smaller the crowd, the easier would it be to manage them and the better their confidence levels would be at. But for me, it was just a boring event that I had unfortunately ended up in. I wouldn’t want to call it a boring event, since it is a Mozilla event, but that was the truth.

We reached the college at around 11AM. The lab that was allotted to us was a big one which had a seating capacity of 60. But we didn’t have more than 10 people in the lab, though we were accompanied by some other people who weren’t there for the AppDay. We had requested for a projector which wasn’t available the time we reached. So the event was delayed furthermore. Abid had gone to his college, which was nearby, to see somebody, so the guys asked me to say something and start. I started off with an introduction to Mozilla, it’s products, Mozilla Kerala. And as is my nature, I went on and on with I-don’t-know-what ๐Ÿ˜› . Finally, the projector arrived and everything was set to start off. I passed the control over to Vigneshwar who was the host of the day. He started off with the basics of Responsive Web Designing, then went on to give the participants a hand-on session on basics of HTML and CSS. Since it was a Friday, Muslim participants had to attend their “jumu’ah” prayer, so we had to break for lunch at 12:30PM and had to give a lunch break till 2PM. But that was no issue. We had plenty of time.

After we broke for lunch, I sat down with my IEEE friends – Jibin Sabu, Susmi, Manu who were later joined by Vishnu Sankar (who was also the Technical Coordinator of Karma), Gejo and Jishnu Warrier. We had a nice chat and then split up to different directions. I wasn’t feeling hungry, so I stayed back when the other guys went for lunch. I stayed back with Jibin Sabu, Susmi and the other few who were still left. We went roaming around the college, went to the canteen, had something to drink and came back. We planned of visiting Calicut beach in the evening after the event; I agreed cuz I had my train only at 8PM (so, I had assumed). None of these people came back for the afternoon session. They separated off to various places of the college. I went back alone to the lab. There again, I was jobless, the speakers themselves were handling doubts since it was a very small crowd, I felt like I just didn’t fit in. I was like an extra block to an already completed puzzle. I was simply sitting there doing nothing. My laptop wouldn’t switch on, so I didn’t even bother to take it along. So, I was basically jobless and had no idea what to do to kill the time ahead. Just then, Faheem asked me to help him complete an app that he had requested me to help earlier. He had come a life-saver to my boredom. I joined him and helped him to complete the app he was working on. That kept me occupied till the end of the event.

The event would up at around 4:15PM. We had a quick photo-session and left for our rooms. Praveen, Vipin and Vigneshwar had a train at 5:45PM that they had to catch. They were rushing all the way (can’t blame them ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I was calm – mainly due to 3 reasons – one, my laptop was still screwed up, two, the event was a disappointment, and three, my train was only 8PM, so I didn’t have to make the rush. The guys left in a hurry and I was left all alone again. I called up Jibin and Susmi and asked them to come (since we had planned a hangout to town and the beach). They came in 5-10 mins and we were aboard a bus in no time. While we were discussing the things that was happening at Karma, the heavy news came to Jibin’s ears :
There was this “Aero-Modelling Workshop” that was organized by Star-Gaze Software & Technology Solutions (SSTS). But at the end of the workshop, none of the models made could fly, the organizers then revealed that these planes were just models and not flight-ready. The participants were furious, and even reacted physically (that’s what we heard). The management intervened and again rested the case favoring the participants. The organizers were asked to refund the registration amounts of the participants.
Woah! now that’s a royal way to screw up!! ^ this is why I said the event itself was a flop.

Anyways, we were on our way to the beach. We reached the beach, sat down, had a chit-chat, had some fun. Since, Jibin was a photo-crazy guy, he kept clicking pics. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Jibin, Susmi and Manu had to go back to the college to watch the pro-show of Stephen Devassy. So after we sent them off, me, Karthik and Cynthia decided to walk to the railway station and the bus station from where they were going back home. We had initially planned like we first go the bus station and drop these two there and then I go to the railway station alone. The plan was to reach the bus station and 8PM. We were chatting and walking when suddenly something struck me. My train was scheduled at 8PM. At the same time that we had planned to reach the bus station, my train would’ve departed from the railway station. Damn! I looked at my phone for the time – 7:49PM. S***, how am I gonna get to the railway station on time? I don’t even know the place well enough to know of any shortcuts. We decided to take an auto to both our places. But then the auto driver said that he could not drop us at the right places at the right time if we were going to both places. So, then since Karthik and Cynthia wasn’t in no hurry, they asked to drop them off somewhere near the bus-station, and let me take the auto to the railway station.

The auto driver dropped me at the railway station at 7:53PM. I ran into the station just in time for another surprise. My train (according to what I had understood) was #16603 Malabar Express which departed at 2000hrs. But the information board told me that #16603 was Maveli Express and it departed at 2210hrs. But then there was another train #16630 Malabar Express and that train departed at 2300hrs. Now, I got really frustrated, I was supposed to board my train at 8PM, and I was getting confused with which was my train and where my train 8PM train was? I ran frantically around the station running from the touch screen kiosk to the information board to the enquiry kiosk and every possible place I could to confirm which was my train. But every place I went, I got all the more confused. I was running around like crazy. What if I missed the train that I was to be on. ๐Ÿ™ That is when my eyes fell upon something else – the reservation charts! Phew! I hoped at least these could clear all my confusions as ran towards them. First thing that I looked at was the reservation charts of #16603 Maveli Express. And to my relief, my name was on that chart. That confirmed which train I was to be on, but still, the train wasn’t running late and it reached the station only at 10:10PM. Then where did I get the idea that my train was at 8PM? When my mind had finally started to clear, I remembered that I had a text message on my phone that was sent to me at the time of registration. I quickly checked it and it told me that my train was scheduled at 22:10. huh?!?! So, was it all my imagination??

I settled down in a quite area of the station since I had now confirmed that I had 2 hours ahead to get bored. And I settled down to find out what went wrong… I had checked out 3 trains while I was planning my return travel. One was at 8PM, the other at 10:10PM and third one was at 11PM. What I did was, I mixed up all the 3 trains to form my imaginary train. Took the departure time of the first train, train number of the second train and train name of the third train and formed #16603 Malabar Express that departed at 8PM.

I was sitting jobless at the railway station, when I got another realization – my laptop was still screwed up and I need to fix it. I ran to the nearest shop and asked for a tester/screw-driver; Luckily, they had one last piece which I bought. I reached back to my seat and started disassembling my laptop. Everyone passing by was staring at me working as if I was from some other weird planet. I was doing something really normal in my sight, but for them, I was someone who was crazy enough to crack open a laptop at a railway station. ๐Ÿ˜› But, I was really jobless and I needed to fix my laptop at any cost. So, I just ignored the weird stares and continued my work. The problem was an incomplete shutdown. I just had to reset the battery. I just finished interfacing the keyboard when my train was announced. I somehow managed to finish putting in all the screws back just in time to board my train. And then settled down in my berth to end the day. I had to reach Trivandrum to surprise the organizers of All Kerala Young Scientist 2014 (I had told them that I wouldn’t make it for the event) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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