The Wizard of Music

I have no idea how I got to writing this post. And NO, I’m not the wizard of Music. 😛

I was just roaming around the net jobless. And somehow I ended up on YouTube. It so seems that YouTube and me share a relationship of lifetimes. It’s like we’ve been together for ages. Every time I end up in YouTube, I loose control of myself. The makers of YouTube implemented a feature that made sure that their visitors never left YouTube. Its called Related Videos and it comes up on the right side of all the videos of YouTube. That’s the worst part. I really wish I could find one video on YouTube that didn’t have a single related video. Even video that were uploaded just seconds earlier somehow find related videos. I never get myself to leave YouTube once I get there. Well, that’s not what I’m writing this post for.

As I was clicking on the related videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon a London choir singing A R Rahman‘s Balleilakka from the movie Shivaji – The BOSS. It was awesome to see an entire foreign choir sing an Indian song; not just an individual but an entire choir. And then my focus was to listen to all those related videos to that one. There were so many. So many. I myself don’t know how many versions of the same song I’ve heard right now. ( Yeah, I have it playing in the background as I’m writing this post. 😛 ) And I don’t know how many more I’m going to hear. I think I’ve forgotten how the original song sounded like. I’ve been listening to different versions of the same song all night. 😛

Listening to all those songs, I realized how awesome we Indians are. We should be proud of it. I’m well proud of it. But this post is not about Indians either. Its one Indian in particular. The one and only A R Rahman. I have no words to describe this man. ‘Wizard’ is not just enough to describe his talent and the way he knows his talent. I wish I knew the ultimate word to describe this great personality.


Being a music buff, I wouldn’t miss this amazing guy from my playlist. But it’s not only because I’m a music buff. I can bet every Indian will unknowingly have at least 5-10 songs made by this great guy. That is the wonder of this man. Any great music from India will have a touch of A R Rahman.


The choirs aren’t just limited to London or UK alone. People all over the world sing songs composed by A R Rahman. Listening to these foreign choirs singing the song, I realize the reach of the music by A R Rahman. How much people have accepted and embedded it to their hearts. There is no other reason why foreign choirs would want to sing a song in a language that is so difficult to learn.


His career began in 1992 with an astonishing debut in the Tamil Mani Ratnam film Roja. And from there, his career flew to all ends of the earth. His music has been sensational and like I said, no Indian will miss this amazing guy’s music on their playlist. Even if you’re just a casual music listener, you’d unintentionally have his music on your playlist. And if you’re Indian and you don’t have his music on your playlist, you seriously have a really bad taste of music. Because this man has explored almost all genres. He even has created many fusions of genres and is a part of a fusion genre project called Superheavy. It consists of British rock vocalist for the Rolling StonesMick Jagger, pop-rock band Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart, soul singer Joss Stone, reggae star Damian “Jr Gong” Marley and A R Rahman of course.

To name awards, A R Rahman won the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score, the BAFTA Award for Best Film Music and 2 Academy Awards (commonly known as The Oscars) for the Best Original Score and Best Original Song, the latter shared with Gulzar at the 81st Academy Awards. He has also won 2 Grammy Awards for the Best Compilation Soundtrack Album and Best Song Written for Visual Media. Oh, All that’s just for “Jai Ho” earned in 2008 alone. His work on 127 Hours earned him nominations to all the above mentioned awards, except the Grammys, in 2010. He was also awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honour in 2000 and Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest civilian honour in 2010. Apart from all this, A R Rahman has 6 Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, 4 National Film Awards, 15 Filmfare Awards and 13 Filmfare Awards South in addition to numerous other awards and nominations to his name. He recieved a Kalaimamani from the Government of Tamil Nadu for excellence in the field of music. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance.

With so much to his hat, the quality of A R Rahman that is most touching is that, after creating all kinds of music, he is so calm and humble. He doesn’t show-off any of his achievements. He is so down to earth which is probably why the God Almighty is raising him all the way up.


Its people like A R Rahman that inspire and keep us motivated to achieve greater heights in life and I would like to salute A R Rahman for being an inspiration and motivation to not just me but the entire world. I pray that the Almighty takes you to heights that no one has ever imagined to be at.

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