Addiction of the 21st Century

In today’s world, everyone is ‘connected” to each other. But are they really?

99% of the whole world is on facebook (that’s just my statistic relation). And 75% on WhatsApp.

Well, what are the statistics of Alcoholics, Smokers or Drug-addicts? Do they even compare to what facebook and WhatsApp or any other social media has achieved?


Addiction to facebook is like the next wave of addiction. And what does it give you in productivity terms? Absolutely nothing more than a time-waster. Some might argue that social media helps connect people. It brings people close together. Those people should watch the following videos.

I wish there would be de-addiction / rehabilitation centres to get people out of this addiction. I have to agree that there aren’t any harmful effects or health-related issues being on social media unlike alcohol, smoke-products or drugs. But doesn’t it kill a lot of social humane interactions like the ‘Look Up’ video suggested?

I agree there are positives to social media. But compared to the negatives, the positives just can be neglected.

I’m so against facebook for their privacy intrusion. I’ve always wanted to get out of there. I wish there was a better alternative solution to connect to the entire world. I use facebook only for its Messages and its reach for publicity. When I say publicity, I’m not talking about self-publicity, I’m talking of publicizing anything that needs to reach the masses. I might probably share this post on social media to attract visitors to my site too. But that’s the only use for it. Everything else is just an unnecessary evil.

Relieving yourself from facebook alone would add so much productive time to your schedule / routine. You might wonder how scrolling could possibly waste time. But what good is it? Think about it.

Recently Just came up with a concept called “99 Days of Freedom”. I totally liked the concept. I wanted to get out of facebook. But could I? No! I saw many people on my facebook change their profile pictures to the 99 Days if Freedom picture. But I saw them online until 3 days after that! I asked them what was the point in changing their profile pictures and still staying online. The next day, I saw an update that they had removed the profile picture and updated their status as variations of :

I can’t keep myself from logging into facebook. So I leave the challenge.

There’s nothing much to do if there’s no facebook.

But there are a few others who took it seriously and have left facebook. I hope they don’t ever get back. And I would like to salute their bold move. But then again, the question remains, Do you even exist if you’re not on Social Media?

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