Infibeam – Another eCommerce Failure

We all know what happened on October 6, 2014 – the Big Billion Day. THE day that Flipkart would never forget and would regret forever.

Well, it seems that we have another player in the space. It might be just me or not. But Infibeam has been showing degradation of service too. And that too in terms of customer support! Continue reading “Infibeam – Another eCommerce Failure”

My First Shell Script for Ubuntu Linux

It might not be a big thing for most people, especially developers. But for a wanna-be programmer like me, a first time is something big.

I built my first shell script for Ubuntu Linux over night – the best time I get to code. Well, though it isn’t basically much of logical codes with a flow of control, it is more echo statements than anything else. I wrote approximately 300 lines of code in a night. Continue reading “My First Shell Script for Ubuntu Linux”