Infibeam – Another eCommerce Failure

We all know what happened on October 6, 2014 – the Big Billion Day. THE day that Flipkart would never forget and would regret forever.

Well, it seems that we have another player in the space. It might be just me or not. But Infibeam has been showing degradation of service too. And that too in terms of customer support! This started a month ago when I visited and ordered a couple of Strontium 16 GB Micro SD Memory Cards as Cash-on-Delivery. The order process went smooth. The package was packed and shipped as scheduled. But the game played was during delivery. It may or may not have been an issue with the logistics (courier) company. But I was tracking the package from half-way to me.

The package arrived at the destination city as scheduled. But it didn’t go out for delivery for as long as 10 days. I had to explicitly complain to the logistics company. And then after 10 days of arrival at the destination city and 2 days of my complaint registration, I got a call from the logistics company enquiring whether I got the package or not. I informed that I had not received it. They ensured that the package would be delivered “as soon as possible”. They provided me a couple of contact numbers of their outlet in my city. Immediately after that call, I called the numbers, but no one answered my calls. Shortly after that, the package went out for delivery. And in 11 short minutes, the status of the package changed to Receiver Not Available. And in the next minute, it was also updated to a “Return to Origin” status. I did not receive any calls on my phone anytime during that day, the previous day or any day prior to that. I was completely available and my phone didn’t go offline at any time due to any reason at all. In fact, all this happened within the hour that I received the call from the company executive. When I saw the status update to Receiver Not Available, I immediately called up the outlet to enquire how did just conclude that the receiver was not available in just 11 minutes. (Looks like, they had flash on their payroll too.) But in vain. I did not receive any response to my call this time either. And then the status updated to “Return to Origin”. I was pissed. I emailed the logistics company and infibeam showing the details.
The logistics company replied after 2 days of my email and claimed that the package returned due to “Incorrect Address” when it was clearly stated on their own tracking page that the package returned due to Receiver Not Available, which was not true either, though.
screenshot-mail google com 2014-10-31 08-44-16

screenshot-mail google com 2014-10-31 08-47-03
And infibeam claimed that the Receiver was Not Available.

Try to be consistent with your claims so that you sound genuine at least.

That was that. And there was no more of that package. Since it was a COD order, I let it go. I re-ordered the same product again. But this time, COD was not available, so, I paid for the product. And this time, the scheduled date of shipping was October 27, 2014. On October 27, 2014, the order was “Invoiced and ready for Packaging”, but didn’t ship.
screenshot-www infibeam com 2014-10-31 08-59-30
Instead, 2 days later, the status went down 2 points. Looked like the cycle started all over again. And today morning, early in the morning, 03:23AM, I get mail stating that the shipping has been delayed and the next estimated shipping will be on November 3, 2014. That brings me to my next experience.

After the first COD-mishap, I thought that it must have been an isolated incident or the logistics company’s fault. I even emailed infibeam asking them to change their logistics partner. I trusted infibeam and went ahead and ordered another product on October 13, 2014 which was supposed to be shipped by October 16, 2014 and delivered by October 22, 2014. Again, I had to send in a complaint on October 22, 2014 to infibeam regarding inactivity of the product, they responded by saying that the product would be shipped that day. And the next day that the product was to be delivered (October 23, 2014), I receive a mail saying that the product is delayed and will be shipped by October 26, 2014. And to no surprise, it didn’t ship on that date either! But it finally did on October 28, 2014. I assumed that would be a technical issue that caused the 2-day delay and was ready to forgive it if the product reached me. And now, after I received the mail that the product was shipped, they respond to my complaint stating that the product was shipped with a tracking link and all, as if it was their hard-work and effort to ship the product on the exact scheduled date!

Well, the story didn’t end there. In another hour, I received another mail saying that my “address was not serviceable” and to “get back with an alternate address with a serviceable pin code”. Wait. What? you do have systems to verify whether a product is serviceable before checkout right? There was no issue with my address when I checked out. And you “anticipate a quick response from my end”? Really? Do you know how many weeks I waited patiently? Where was your “quick response” when I sent in a complaint? Oh. And you want me to “get back with an alternate address with a serviceable pin code” huh?! Should I change my residence for you to deliver a delayed order? That’s just bull-crap and all I have for you is the F-word.
screenshot-mail google com 2014-10-31 09-24-01

Is this how infibeam treats all its customers? If that is the case, then the public has to choose whether or not to keep this fraudulent website online or not. I’ve decided what I would do. Once I get the products that are currently pending, I’ll close my account on Infibeam. That will be the last time I’ll be associated with forever. I’ll probably move on to who seems to be the only good eCommerce website with some dignity. Flipkart degraded itself with the Big Billion Day Sale, and now infibeam has degraded itself by not providing good support to its customers. How long will one be patient and forgiving? 2 weeks, 3 weeks? Who’s next in line on the path to doom? What did Infibeam get out of this? One unhappy customer. And that means that he is going to spread the word leading to more customers spreading the word, leading to drop in sales and probably bankruptcy and total shut-down. Let’s see what happens.

I have my freedom on the internet, and I have decided not to let such a fraudulent company survive. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do. Do you have a bitter experience like this with infibeam or any other eCommerce website? Share it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Infibeam – Another eCommerce Failure”

  1. 1.Amazon has the best service and product tracking. Their 24*7 chat support is too awesome. I wonder why you are opting for infibeam when you get best deals in amazon especially with products like memory cards.
    2. Flipkart billion day was not a fraud one there wre people who got the deals its just that some went unlucky.

    1. Yes, I do agree that does have very good service and quality. To add to that they service with dignity. They don’t need cheap publicity. And they make sure to keep up their reputation. I wasn’t trying to compare the services provided. I was only trying to explain my unfortunate experience. But I have learnt from my mistake. Never again will I repeat the same mistake again.
      Regarding the Flipkart Big Billion Day, maybe, but most reports were that Flipkart attempted a price hike just before the sale. Again, Flipkart is not the topic of discussion here. Cheers.

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