Working in the Night is More Productive

I have always believed that working late into the night would bring productive results. I have experienced it first-hand too. That is the only time when you are free from all distractions; when you can concentrate and get more thing things done than you do during the day. I’ve always been a night-guy and I’m proud of it. I’ve found myself to be more productive in the night than during the day. I love travelling at night; Taking long walks in the shadows of the nights and loving the silence of the night under the moon. I came across this article on Elite Daily by Lauren Martin. i would say it defines me so much. I can relate to everything the author has said in her post. I wanted to actually re-blog the post, but since that option was unavailable, I decided to re-post it in my own blog. This is how it goes : Continue reading “Working in the Night is More Productive”